Located in the Central American Isthmus, Costa Rica has a total area of 51,060 sq km, a population of 5 million people, a gross domestic product (GDP) that amounts to approximately US$17.5 billion, which translates into a GDP per capita of US$4,410 which will experience and estimated annual growth of 6%.

Costa Rica offers an impressive scenic beauty that holds approximately 6% of the world's biodiversity, more variety of butterflies than Africa, coasts in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and a majestic stretch of mountains and volcanoes that crosses the country from tip to tip.
Costa Rica is a world leader in tourism consolidating itself as a main pillar in the national economy along with coffee, pineapple, and banana exports, high-tech products and the services sector.
During the past couple of decades, Costa Rica has experienced sustained economic growth and an important growth and activation of the real estate market. Commercial, residential and tourism related real estate have been at the front end of the growth seen in the sector and have had an increment never experienced before. The increase in real estate development can be observed in every part of the country, but it has been the province of Guanacaste that has taken the largest bite of the growth pie.

The growth in Guanacaste is mainly due to the consolidation of the Liberia Airport and the strong development of the northern part of the province, especially the Tamarindo and Papagayo areas.