From Escazú to Tamarindo

Desarrollos Inmobiliarios del Sol is a Costa Rican property developer, specialized in managing and maintaining high-end living complexes.

Desarrollos Inmobiliarios del Sol was created by an investor group to actively participate in the development of some high-end project in Escazú (San José, Costa Rica). (Son varios, así que debería decir SOME)One of them consists of 64 condominiums with a total area of 312,153 sq ft (29,000 m2).  After the success of those projects, the company was actively involved in the management and maintenance of the condominiums.

After the execution and expertise acquired, the company gathered a panel of well-known firms to create Bocaracá, assuring the highest quality and finishes for the project and tenants.

Desarrollos Inmobiliarios del Sol now owns some condominiums at Bocaracá, keeps some of them to rent, and have some left for sale.


Some of the companies that work for Bocaracá Premium Condos are:

  • Constructora Manuel Emilio Hernández (Construction)
  • Grupo IECA (Structural Engineering)
  • Circuito (Electromechanical Engineering)
  • Max Bermúdez (Architect)
  • Mario Arroyabe (Interior Designer)