Fee simple property in Costa Rica is the same as in the United States, which means that fee simple ownership gives the owner of the property the absolute right to materially own the property, use it, enjoy it, sell it, encumber it, lease it, and improve it, among other things. Condominium ownership may include single family residence projects, finished lot projects, vertical and horizontal property condos among others and basically is the same as fee simple ownership but with certain limitations established by law and the developer in order to protect the integral overall look and feel of the condominium property. A condominium owner owns a portion of the whole condominium and therefore must abide by the before-mentioned bylaws that can only be changed through a condominium assembly by a unanimous vote.  
Concession in the shoreline zone, also known as concession property is the right given by the government to use and enjoy the area subject to concession in the shoreline zone for a limited period of time. The shoreline zone is comprised of the 200 m. starting at the mid tide point going inland, and is divided in public zone, comprised of the first 50 meters and the concession zone comprised of the following 150 m. The public zone is as its name expresses public and cannot be titled in any way, but the concession zone can be given in concession, which means that its use and enjoyment can be given, through a figure similar to an operational lease to a Costa Rican individual or company for a predetermined number of years; concessions are usually given for periods anywhere from 5 to 20 years and can be renewed for a similar period.

Bocaracá Concominiums gives you the property title for your security. You can have it written to your name or to any Private Society you may have. Another very important thing is that properties in front of Bocaracá are under a law that prohibits buildings of more than three stories. So it warrantee you will have great view forever.